Construction Management

On Site:

Every project is assigned an on-site superintendent and a site foreman. The site foreman over sees our in house crews and sub-contractors. This enables the superintendent to concentrate first and foremost on our client’s need. Making sure there is a constant open line of communication which helps the project run timely and cost efficiently.

Meeting & Scheduling

Certificate of Occupancy

Whether the project is for an existing functioning company or a new business, once a job is complete, we make sure there is a C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) that has been issued to the client. This C.O. is issued after the property has passed all inspections and is in compliance with the local building codes.

Our Service Warranty

One of the things that make One Way Development & Construction stand out from other competition is our warranty. One year after we have finished construction and the job is complete with the warranty signed, we will come back and check your facility to make sure our work is still in good standing. If on our ‘walk through’ we find something needs to be fixed, we do it. This free warranty gives our clients the peace of mind to know they are working with an exceptional company that stands behind its work.