If you are a subcontractor and would like to become one of our regular subs, we invite you to contact us to get the necessary documentation started. Call us today @ 530-365-2450 or contact us through our email.

If you qualify to be one of our subcontractors, you’ll be on our active list for current jobs. You’ll find One Way is a great place to work for and can be very rewarding. We like to establish long-term working relationships with our subcontractors. The longer you work with us, you’ll find it gets easier and easier. It will become like science and will be very worthwhile and profitable for your company.

Our Goal is to Keep You BUSY!

Current Job Bidding:

Our current project plans will be posted on our Plan Room page in PDF format. Once logged in, all you need to do is click on the appropriate link to download the spec. sheets and necessary information needed for your bid.

We encourage you to contact us immediately with your bid. We will only be posting the active bid jobs for approx. 10 days.